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Melvin and Sarah | A Cliff Wedding

Two years ago when all things was not in favor of Sarah our Lord started writing her beautiful love story in the most unexpected way. He sent Melvin to her as her lifetime gift and when that epic hand shake intertwined it is the start of their great love story.


Who would have thought that the man that she will interview on that day will be her husband. They are so connected to each other and inseparable at the same time. They can say the same thing at the same time. How they have discovered that their fathers are friends from high school and that's almost 47 years ago. Even their grandmothers lay on the same cemetery. How Sarah's plate number starts with W-I-N in tagalog MANALO which is Melvin's surname.


That's how effortlessly God plan everything for them. He gave them signs without them even knowing. Truly this wedding is one for the books. Everybody was crying and laughing at the same time during their vow and we are so lucky to have witness it and freeze the moment for them for an entire lifetime.


Thank you Melvin and Sarah for showing us that love is always worth the wait and that God should be the center of it all. I will forever cherish this day, I will never forget that I am crying while peeking through my view finder. Congratulations!



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